People ask us all the time how we feel about various breeds that are being created by mixing the natural occurring hairless mutation (KRT71hr) of the Sphynx with other mutations such as dwarfism, bobtail, curled ear or a combination thereof. 

The aim in our program is to maintain and protect the natural mutation in Sphynx and respect the rules and guidelines set forth in the Cat Fancy and governing associations (TICA & CFA) and only outcross with approved breeds; DSH, American Shorthair and Devon Rex. These aforementioned mutations are not officially recognized as Championship Breeds in any of the worldwide feline associations and registries. We do not support nor chose to work with breeders that breed double mutations.

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.


-Leonardo da Vinci 

With all due respect, we are open to discussions about this with their breeders as perhaps our viewpoints are skewed due to our passion about the Sphynx breed and some facts we are unaware of.  But as where we stand today, we choose to be anti-multi-mutations.  A few reasons why:

1) The Sphynx is currently struggling with HCM and until the gene pool is significantly enlarged with heart healthy cats and the incidents of HCM are decreased, the Sphynx is not a good healthy choice for the foundation of a new "breed."  

2) The International Cat Association (TICA) passed a ruling that "New Traits" of breeds, nor "New Breeds", will be allowed to include any kind of genetic trait pertaining to bone structure including leg length and tail length.  CFA is also very strict and it is highly doubtful they would ever allow feline traits with possible health consequences to be approved.

3)  None of these multi-mutated cats are approved or registerable breeds according to The Cat Fancy Association (CFA) or The International Cat Association (TICA.) They are being registered as "experimental" in TICA and are not allowed to even be registered in CFA.

See TICA Approved Cat Breeds:
See CFA Approved Cat Breeds:




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