Today, Beeblebrox Sphynx Cattery, LLC and RockStarz Sphynx co-own the majority of all cats and share the responsibility of caring for our breeding cats, raising our kittens and ensuring all kitten are placed in loving homes. We are a true partnership and together are extremely conscientious in every aspect of our practice including health, vitality and temperament.  Read below to learn more about us individually.

Beeblebrox Sphynx - Desiree Bobby

When I met Zach  (now my husband), I was intrigued by the fact that he had a "hairless cat."  Mojo, a white Sphynx male and was the coolest pet I ever laid my eyes and hands on.

Zach and I married in 1999 and purchased another Sphynx from a breeder in southeastern Michigan.  We named him Horus because he had one eye.  Some of our family and friends fell in love with our boys and in order to save our naked felines from being cat-napped, we adopted a couple more Sphynx in 2007 to breed; Boozhoo and Prudence.  In March of 2008 we registered our cattery and begin our new hobby of breeding naked cats.

I did not have a mentor and therefore had to challenge myself and learn many things the hard way.  I made many mistakes along the way but was always driven by the desire to be the best breeder in North America. As a technology management professional, I had a thirst for factual data and questioned the ambiguous claims by other breeders of having "Fantastic Lines", "HCM Clear Lines" and "Good Breeding Ethics."  My focus has been on achieving those attributes and being able to prove it with actual, transparent data.

In 2011, I found "Hairless Hearts" in order to help arrange accessible HCM scanning opportunities for Sphynx owners.  I, along with my colleagues, are dedicated to protecting future generations of the Sphynx breed from HCM.  We aim to provide advocacy for breed preservation through education, the sharing of HCM data amongst breeders, and financial support to registered pet owners by providing HCM scanning at low/no cost HCM clinics.  We work closely with veterinary cardiologists throughout the USA to fight the good fight against HCM by helping organize scanning clinics for Sphynx and report data to the Sphynx HCM databases. Our efforts in arranging low cost scanning initiated 1000's HCM scans for breeding and pet Sphynx. 

Desiree Bobby
Beeblebrox Sphyx
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RockStarz Sphynx - Lori Michalovich

Info about Lori Michalovich, the RockStar breeder of RockStarz Sphynx coming soon!

Lori is currently working on documenting her long history in the veterinary field and her past experience in breeding.

Note: Lori is the bestest breeding partner ever!  She is super conscientious and very patient. She also has an incredible ability to teach nearly every kitten she raises how to stick like velcro and play catch <3.

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