It takes a village to raise naked cats!  Or at least a trio.

In 2011, Dez met Lori Michalovich who was then the practice manager for the veterinary office that cared for all Beeblebrox cats.  It wasn't long before Lori became addicted to Sphynx and had to have some of her very own. In 2013, Lori and her husband Craig registered their own cattery, RockStarz Sphynx and the magic started happening.  

Beeblebrox and RockStarz co-own most cats in their programs and share the responsibility of raising kittens and ensuring all breeding cats are housed in a comfortable, safe and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Dez and Christina Makl (Canrae Sphynx) met at a cat show in Ontario, Canada in 2010 and began working together very closely.  Today, the 3 of catteries continue working closely together, sharing lines and knowledge, and of course.....  a wonderful friendship.

Breeders We Mentor
We share our work and knowledge with a small group of individuals who go through our mentor program. Mentorship usually starts off with about a year of hands-on learning about the breed, attending cat shows and studying genetics and feline health. Our mentees will often also get to experience birth with experienced queens in their own home. Through their first litter, they will discover if breeding is something they really want to and/or are equipped to do. 

We typically decide if we feel that someone is a good fit for breeding and a continued partnership during the first year or two of mentoring. Unfortunately, there have been cases where we felt that a person was not honest or conscientious enough to continue working with. Also, we have have had mentees decide after their hands-on experience that breeding is not for them. 

People with insufficient personalities are fond of cats. These people adore being ignored.


-Henry Moore

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