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Beeblebrox Sphynx is a TICA Outstanding Cattery (2010,2011), a CFA Cattery of Excellence (2010,2011) and are a member of the CFA Sphynx Breed Council (2010, 2011, 2012).  This means our home cattery has been inspected and adheres, at the highest level possible, to the facility standards and guidelines set by 2 of the largest cat fancy organizations in the world.  Also, as a CFA Ambassador, and a practicing CFA Clerk, I am a representative of the cat fancy whom is commited to reaching out to educate those interested in the cat fancy, spreads goodwill and provides administrative support for judges at CFA cat shows.

As the founder and CEO of "Hairless Hearts", I, along with my colleagues, area dedicated to protecting future generations of the Sphynx breed from HCM and to provide advocacy for breed preservation through education, the sharing of HCM data amongst breeders, and financial support to registered pet owners by providing HCM scanning at low/no cost to sphynx cats.  We have worked closely with our veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Renee Riepe, to jointly become more involved in the Sphynx/HCM battle by participating in sphynx cardiac genetic research and organizing scanning clinics for sphynx and reporting their pedigrees to the highly respected organization, PawPeds (Pawpeds.com) as well as the french and dutch Sphynx HCM databases.  Our efforts in arranging low cost scanning has initiatied nearly 200 HCM scans at Dr. Riepe's facility in 2010-11 alone.  We are hoping to facilitate the scanning of 2012 sphynx across the nation in the year 2012.

We actively show our cats in CFA in the Great Lakes region and work with other reputable sphynx breeders in CFA and TICA.  Our breeders undergo HCM scanning every 12-18 months and are blood typed and DNA tested for genetic issues and attributes.

Because sphynx are such uniquely loving creatures, we aim to produce healthy, happy sphynx kittens with sweet temperaments to extend our family, enjoy their growth, exhibit them and share them with approved families looking for a new family member.  We want to help preserve the breed so their love can continue to be shared.

Contrary to popular belief, breeding is not a career or profit making endeavor.  It is a full time, expensive hobby.  We strive for breed improvement in the areas of conformation and health and all proceeds from the sale of our pet quality kittens goes back into the cattery and towards practice improvement and exhibition expenses.       
Our Sphynx History

It must of been Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movie when the sphynx cat first intrigued us.  We quickly had to learn more about having a hairless sphynx kitten of our own.  We fell in love with the breed in the mid 90's before we were married, Zach adopted a sphynx kitten for a pet.  His name was Mojo.

As time went on, we got another sphynx for a pet.  He had one eye and his name was Horus. Many of our friends and family quickly feel in love with our boys and in order to save them from being cat-napped, we adopted a couple breeders, Boozhoo and Prudence from local catteries, registered our cattery and in March of 2008 had a couple litters to share the love.  As most of our family were dog lovers; it was easy for them to convert to a breed of cat as loving as the sphynx.

We started off very naive and very new to the practice of ethical breeding but as we became more involved in the sphynx breeding community, we were able to learn, improve and refine our practice.  We feel we still have much to learn and are continuing refinement on a daily basis.  We enjoy meeting and conversing with sphynx breeders from all over the world and pursuing long term, trusting relationships with catteries of similar ethics and goals.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and feel free to email me directly if you have any more questions.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Desiree Bobby
Beeblebrox Sphynx Cattery
Hairless Hearts, Inc.