Our Ethics, Practices


All of our transactions are handled in writing including adoption applications, reservation agreements, purchase agreements, breeding rights, health guarantees and stud service.  There is a paper trail on all payments and deposits.  Therefore, if a problem arises, all parties will know a fair course of action well in advance.   

Unless they are to be bred by an approved breeder, all kittens and cats will be altered before leaving Beeblebrox Sphynx Cattery.  There are no exceptions to this.  We understand that occasionally a pet owner may want their own doctor to perform the surgery but we feel that it is in the best interest of the kitten to stay with us until well after the surgery is completed.

We do not initiate breeding unless we have a waiting list.  Typically we keep 1 - 2 kittens from every litter in our cattery and therefore may have 1 - 3 to place.    We only breed cats that have good health and temperamant.   Contrary to popular belief that cats should not breed after they are 5 years old, we chose to breed cats at older ages.  If a sphynx cat is older than 5 and is still scanning clear, then we may feel more confident that this cat may not carry the genetic mutation for HCM... and confident builds with each year of age thereafter.

We operate under a county of Wayne, Michigan DBA, a State of Michigan LLC and (hopefully soon) a U.S. trademark. Although the state of Michigan does not have any restrictions or limitations on home-bases catteries and the number of allowable felines, we maintain an extended cattery in our friends and family homes in order to provide independent love and care to all of our cats and kittens.  All cats have full access to our home, interact with our children and sleep in our beds.  We also have additional quarters for quarantining, birthing, studding, etc.  You are welcome to come visit the home catteries of any of our cats at any time by appointment.  We are a TICA Outstanding Cattery and CFA Cattery of Excellence (2010 - 2012).

All of our breeders are HCM scanned, blood typed and tested for FELV/FIV.  We aim to keep Feline Corona Virus free and therefore, our FCoV titers are checked on a regular basis.  Our first priority is health and that all of our cats and kittens are disease and parasite free.   The DNA of all are breeders are tested for various genetic illnesses and attributes.   All of our health documentation is available from us or directly from our veterinarian or board certified cardiologist.  Our facility allows for separation of cats in necessary, where cats can be quarantine and individually cared for in ways that will not spread throughout the cattery.

We scan all our adults for HCM annually, at a minimum.  This includes breeders and adult cats who are no longer breeding but have offspring who are.  All our scanning results are posted to Pawpeds (starting in 2011).  We also provide scanning results to the other well known Sphynx HCM databases and maintain our own for all accessible reported negative and positive scans.  We aim to obtain HCM scans for all cats related to ours with priority on parents and above, but we also have an interest in full and 1/2 sibling scans.  We provide free 1st year scanning for all cats placed from our cattery with our board certified cardiologist and our aim is to screen all cats in our breeding program until at least 8 years of age.

We are aggressively working on strengthening our own lines and the lines of a select few ethical partners.  We choose to only work with catteries that scan for HCM, register CFA/CCA/TICA, exhibit and demonstrate ethical health practices both in the cattery and throughout the lives of all cattery produced offspring.  We have compassion for the sphynx breed as well as honest sphynx breeders; old and new.  Although we may chose not to interact with some other catteries due to conflicting values and ethics, we are always open to sharing knowledge.

The pedigrees of all our kittens and cats are available for viewing.  We are striving for a inbreeding percentage of less than 5%. We are continually working to improve the breed by working with new and established, healthy lines.  We maintain a database of the records of approximately 9000 sphynx and are continually mining for worldwide sphynx pedigree information including HCM incidences, assumptions and pedictions.  Our thought is that it's better to be safe than sorry.

We keep all health records of our breeders and kittens.  We keep accurate records of all matings and pedigrees and all of our felines are registered with at least one of the following organizations:  CFA, CCA and/or TICA.  All health records are filed and available from us or directly from our vet and board certified cardiologist.

Purchasing a Pet Kitten
Kittens go to their new homes as 14 - 16 weeks old. Everyone who purchases a cat or kitten must complete our online application.  Kitten prices are placed at a rate which is directly influenced by the high cost of veterinary and home care.  Contrary to popular belief, the sale of kittens is not a profit making endeavor.  It is really an expensive hobby and all income generated by kitten sales goes right back into the cattery. 

Purchasing a Breeder
We are happy to discuss a working relationship with breeders that share the same values and ethics.  We feel that working amongst a community of breeders is important; as long as honesty and strong ethics is your priority.   In addition to the necessity of getting to know other breeders, we also only would consider working with other catteries whom:  scan for HCM, blood-type and show cats in CFA, CCA and/or TICA.

Stud Service
We offer stud service to approved breeders that we work closely with and that demonstrate good ethics.   All queens must be registered, blood typed and HCM scanned prior to breeding.  We also require a health certification and a blood/fecal panel be performed within 2 weeks of breeding.  We can help facilitate the HCM scanning at a very reasonable cost via OVRS.