It is a very exciting time when your new kitten finally gets to come home, and you will want to be prepared. The following list will help with that.


We will be sending you home with what your kitten is currently eating (both dry and canned). If you decide to change foods, there are numerous good choices on the market. But please DO YOUR RESEARCH!! To compensate for the lack of hair, their metabolism works faster. They require large quantities of food with higher protein content.  Grocery store brands will not keep your kitten healthy and happy.

Food brands we use & love:  Raw Ground Chicken, Weruva Cats in the Kitchen, Best Feline Friend, Wellness Core, Wysong Epigen, Royal Canin Baby Cat & Kitten, Fromm Grain Free

LITTER BOX AND LITTER – There are numerous choices for types and styles of litter boxes.  When first bringing your kitten home though, you will want to have a plain, open box so your baby will have no problem locating where they need to go. If you have a very large or two story home, you may want to consider having two boxes until your little one is completely comfortable with their new surroundings. Covered litter boxes, Litter Robots, or other types can come later. When choosing a litter, your kitten will be used to using both pellets and Tidy Cat litter. Use of either is fine, although brands such as Tidy Cat might be easier to locate for purchase. Make sure that a “low dust” litter is always chosen, as too much litter dust can cause respiratory issues.

Litter and litter boxes we use & love: Hardwood & Pine Pellets, Tidy Cat Scoopable, Tidy Cat Lightweight, CleverCat Litter Box, Litter Robot

FOOD DISHES – Although not a difficult purchase, make sure when choosing your dishes, that the food and water sections are separate enough that the water isn’t “splashed” into the dry food.  Also make sure that the dishes are stable enough so your kitten cannot tip them over. A double ceramic dish set with a holder is an excellent choice. A mat for under your dishes can also make a nice addition for clean-up. Purchase an additional dish to be used for their canned food.

FURNITURE & TOYS – This is always a fun thing to go shopping for, but don’t go overboard until you know what type of toys your kitten enjoys. A “cat tree”, no matter what size, is always a recommended purchase. It gives them a place to jump and climb, and most are equipped with scratching posts.  Cat beds, either heated or with an added safely insulted heating pad are definitely a must have!  Remember, you kitty will love high, warm places so think TALL & SUN :)

CLOTHING & BLANKETS – Purchasing clothes for your kitty is SO much fun! But remember—your baby will be growing rapidly, so it is not advisable to obtain an entire wardrobe before they arrive. When it comes to putting clothes on your kitty, always keep in mind the temperature you keep your home. If you would be chilly running around naked, so will they. Soft blankets also make a nice place to snuggle and keep warm, so your kitty will enjoy and utilize them also. You will probably want to keep a nice supply of clothing and blankies on hand so everything can be washed regularly.

GROOMING SUPPLIES – To keep your kitty well groomed, you will need a few items. A gentle shampoo for bathing (Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is fine), Q-tips for cleaning ears, baby wipes and a good set of nail trimmers for their little sharp nails.

CAT CARRIER – Unless your little one is coming to you via airplane, you will need a safe cat carrier for all traveling. It is not only a safe way for your baby to travel, but it offers them a sense of security in a moving vehicle. Try to purchase one that allows room for your baby to grow. Both cloth or plastic are equally fine choices. Note: Remember that your kitty is naked, so always have a soft blanket or pad for them to snuggle in!



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