How much do hairless Sphynx kittens and a werewolf Lykoi kittens cost?

Included in all pet Sphynx and Lykoi Adoptions:

  •    Three (3) veterinary visits/health checks
           at 6, 9 and 12 weeks old
  • Spay / Neuter
  • Proactive Deworming
           and Anti-Parasitic Treatment
  • Age Appropriate Merial Purevax®
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • FIV/FLV Test
  • Ear Mite, Fecal, and Giardia Tests
  • Pre-Op Bloodwork/CBC Tests
  • Microchip
  • Registration with CFA (Donskoy are w/TICA)
  • Lifetime Support and Friendship
  • One month pet health insurance (if desired)
  • HCM Guarantee

Prices and Guarantee Options

We offer different guarantee options with our kittens because people who have experienced HCM may feel more comfortable with longer guarantees. With HCM so prevalent in the breed we do recommend the longer guarantees but we are happy to accommodate others who prefer a smaller adoption fee.

  • Sphynx w/3 year guarantee* - $2900
  • Lykoi w/3 year guarantee* - $2500
  • Donskoy w/3 year guarantee* - $2500
  • DBE Blue or odd-eyes  w/3 year guarantee* - $3500

Although we are extremely conscientious in our breeding practice, it is impossible to promise that any kitten will not get HCM or another disease caused by genetics or birth defects. If your cat dies during the guaranteed period with such a disease, we will provide another cat to you per your signed contract.

Although it is impossible to prevent FIP in kittens, if your cat has a proven diagnosis and dies from FIP within in the first 6 months of delivery, we will provide another cat to you as long as all quarantine and vetting obligations, per your signed contract, were met.  Please note that FIP treatment is now approved and proven to be successful and medication is now available.  At this time, we are unsure if health insurance covers it.


  • A deposit of $200 is required to get on our waiting list. This deposit is then deducted from the balance once a kitten is chosen.
  • After kittens are born and they reach 4-6 weeks old, we begin to introduce baby pictures with expecting families on our waiting list. Once a family chooses a kitten, we reserve him/her for them and require a deposit equivalent to 1/2 the cost of the kitten. The remaining balance (equivalent to 1/2) is due at 12 weeks old just prior to spay/neuter/final vet visit.


  • Pick up in Port Sanilac MI (48469) - No Fee
  • Pick up from your Detroit (Cultural Center) location - No Fee
  • Pick up at the Detroit airport (DTW) - No Fee
  • Home Delivery by Car - $1 per mile from 48469
  • Air Delivery to your airport -  $650 and up depending on airport - fee includes courier and cat plane ticket, airport fees
  • Hand delivery to your airport in Europe, Asia and South American + $2500 and up
  • Delivery to Hawaii or Australia - You will have to arrange but we will facilitate what is necessary from our end

In order to widen our gene pool and to add new genetic material, we outcross quite a bit and often have these furry mixed kittens available.
Outcross have only one copy of the hairless or Lykoi recessive genes and therefore have coats similar to domestic cats.

The price for an Outcross Sphynx or Lykoi pet:
   Coated F1, F2 or F3
   $600-$1250 w/1-3 year guarantee*

Dominant blue or odd eye F1, F2 or F3
   + $500

   Three (3) veterinary visits/health checks
       at 6, 9 and 12 weeks old
   Spay / Neuter
   Proactive Deworming
       and Anti-Parasitic Treatment
   Age Appropriate Merial Purevax®
   Rabies Vaccination
   FIV/FLV Test
   Ear Mite, Fecal, and Giardia Tests
   Pre-Op Bloodwork/CBC Tests
   Registration with CFA
   1 Month Pet Health Insurance (if desired)
   Lifetime Support and Friendship
   HCM Guarantee*

Breeding Quality Cat
As a CFA Mentor Associate for the Sphynx and Lykoi breeds, I am happy to consider mentorship to new breeders that show an interest in breeding and showing. 
The cost of breeding cat is $5000 and up.  Please complete an application and introduce yourself and express your interest.