Hairless Sphynx Kittens Now Available

There is much more to adopting a purebred Sphynx kitty than meets the eye.  
We hope that you take your time and make a thoughtful, educated decision on
when to bring your new Sphynx kitty home and and what breeder to trust and choose.

Why do we require a $150 reservation/waiting list deposit?

We will be committed to you and open to sharing our breed knowledge and we want to ensure there is a commitment in place.



I rarely have kittens available for adoption to people who have not made advance reservations by getting on my waiting list.
So don't stress... just fill out my application and get the process moving so you can get a naked kitty soon :)

To be considered for one of my kittens in 2017:

Please click here to fill out adoption application

If you would like to get on my waiting list and want a kitty very soon or can wait until 2018 please let me know


To be considered for kitten from one of these litters:
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Canrae She's My Cherry Pie aka "Cheri" x Malachi 3.16 of Canrae
Please click here to fill out adoption application

Outcross Litter:  Kado (F1) x Malachi 3.16 of Canrae
Please click here to fill out adoption application

Liberty x Marcus of Canrae
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Beeblebrox I Put A Spell on You aka "Annie" x Malachi 3.16 of Canrae
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To be considered for kitten from one of these litters:
Please click here to fill out adoption application
(please note:  this could be a 6+ month wait)

Beeblebrox Dinah Moe Hum aka "Boney" x Skindividual Castor

Lagnickers x Skindividual Castor

Beeblebrox Dinah Moe Hum aka "Boney" x Skindividual Castor

To adopt a Sphynx kitten, please be aware that:

The more flexible you are in sex and color, the sooner you will have a kitty in your arms (or on your head!)

A $150 deposit is due upon application approval.
Kitties go home at about 14 - 16 weeks old.
Total adoption fee is $1650, $1850, $2000 or $2200
(depending on 3, 5, 6 or 8 year health guarantee)

You will want to adopt your Sphynx kitten from a responsible, reputable and ethical breeder.

A responsible breeder is someone who is concerned with the betterment of the breed (health, type and temperament) and always puts the life and future of all kittens before anything else.  In Sphynx; that would be someone who alters all cats before leaving, doesn't allow pets to leave their home until 12 - 16 weeks of age, vaccinates and deworms appropriately, HCM scans all breeding cats and can provide proof if necessary, breeds only CFA or TICA registered cats (there are other international registries that are acceptable also) and ensures cats are healthy prior to going to their new homes.
A responsible breeder will be happy to answer all your questions. If a breeders does not make you feel comfortable then you may want to consider looking elsewhere.  Your breeder should be the kind of person you would like to communicate with and have by your side as you take the journey into the sphynx world and to answer any questions you may have before, during and after your new family member enters your home.



Things to consider when adopting a sphynx:

1) HCM - All breeding adults should be screened for HCM annually.  Ask to see proof of scans as many breeders will say "yes, we scan for HCM" but when asked for proof, will not be able to provide it.  The HCM scan will document the results, the heart measurements, and will come from a board certified cardiologist which can be contacted if there are any doubts.

2) REGISTRATION WITH TICA or CFA - All purebred sphynx should be bred by parents who are registered (CFA, TICA, CCA).

3) GUARANTEE AND CONTRACT - Review your contract thoroughly to see in which ways you will be protected if the cat gets sick and/or dies from a genetic or congenital issue.  Some issues or unavoidable and unpredictable.  However, you will want to understand clearly in which way the breeder is going to support you.  You will also need to know what the breeder expects of you too.

4)  SPAY/NEUTER - The breeder should be responsible for the surgery and for ensuring the kitty has recovered well afterwards.

Adoption Fees

$1600 - $2000
spayed/neutered pets
w/1-6 Year Guarantee*

Most of my families choose:

5 Year Guarantee*
$1850 includes
HomeAgain MicroChip
FIV/FELV Tested & Negative
Fecal, Giardia & Ear Mites Test
Spay / Neuter
Age Appropriate Vaccinations
Registration with TICA or CFA
Lifetime Support and Friendship

Guarantee = Replacement if
cat dies due to genetic or congential
illness such as HCM within guaranteed

Breeding Quality Cat - $3000 - $4000
I am happy to mentor new breeders that show an interest in breeding and showing.  Selectively, I may opt to place a breeding quality cat with a new breeder at pet price if they live close.

Adoption Process

Beeblebrox Sphynx sells sphynx hairless Sphynx kittens for pets, showing and occasionally to other breeders.

Our adoption process is as follows:

1.  Browse our "Available Kittens" page to see when we are expecting kittens. 

2.  Fill out our "Online Adoption Application". 

3.  A non-refundable waiting list deposit of $150 is required, approval application approval, in order to get on our waiting list. 
You are more likely to get a kitten sooner if you are flexible with the color and gender.

4. After a litter is born, we begin to evaluate them to determine which ones are likely to remain in our program and which ones may be placed as pets. The ones that we are confident are pet quality, will be offered to those on our waiting list FIRST. The kitties designated as "Show/Breeding Evaluation" will continue to be evaluated to determine if they will remain in our breeding program, be offered to other breeders that we know and trust, or subsequently be placed as pets.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pet quality does not mean these these cat's have any physical or health defaults.  It only distinguishes cat type that is desired by our cattery AT THAT MOMENT - which could vary by sex, size, color, etc.

5.  Once pet quality kittens begin to become available, we offer them to those on our waiting list, in order.  This usually begins around 4 - 8 weeks, usually with boys first and then based on physical attributes.  Once you are offered a kitty, you may accept or decline and choose to wait for others.  Once you choose your kitten, a deposit of $600 is then required as well as a signed and submitted contract.  We prefer Paypal but will accept other forms of payment as well such a direct deposit, POPMoney or personal check/money order.

6.  The kitten will be cared for and prepared to come home to you around 14 - 16 weeks.  We will be discussing delivery options at this time and expect the kitty to be paid for, in full, prior to the spay/neuter appointment, which is typically 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled delivery or pick up date.   The final payment due, would be $650 - $1050 (depending up the adoption option & guarantee chosen.)

7.  We are happy to make small, regular payment arrangements throughout the adoption process if necessary.  This can be discussed on an individual basis.