As well as (but not pictured above)  Tortie, Tabby, BiColor, Blue Eye, Odd Eye and Red

All Lykoi are $2500 with a 3 year genetic health/FIP guarantee.

werewolf kitties

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- Lykoi Cats aka Werewolf Cats are not in any way related to the Sphynx breed - 
All Lykoi are $2500 with a 3 year genetic health/FIP guarantee.




Taylor - Female

Thomas - Male


Taylor and Thomas are being raised by Adra of Royal Velvet


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DRACO - Reserved now, Sorry.

Black and White Lykoi Male


MARA - Reserved now, Sorry.
Black Lykoi Female

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MEET THE LYKOI, a partially hairless breed of cat with a very unique color pattern that is a combination of amelanistic hair and solid color hair. Lykoi are born with a full coat but in a couple weeks the "werewolf" pattern of hairlessness on the face and the roan pattern on the body begins to emerge.  

One of the most intriguing, and unusual appearing pedigreed cats, the Lykoi has sparked an unprecedented fascination among cat lovers.

Noted for it's partial hairlessness, and unique "roan" patterned coat, it has earned the reputation of it's name which roughly translates to "wolf" in Greek. The Lykoi is not a man made, designer breed, but is a natural mutation that randomly occurs in the feral population.

The Lykoi was first discovered in a feral colony in USA, as a natural mutation, in 2010. Genetic testing and test mating's proved the Lykoi gene to be a recessive gene, and not related to any other known hairless mutations. The Lykoi was established as a breed in 2011, when the first intentionally bred Lykoi was born to two similar looking Lykoi-type cats discovered in the feral population. Since it's discovery, there have been reports of other such mutations in other countries, some of which were added to the gene pool to bring diversity in pedigrees.

The Lykoi is a fun loving, intelligent breed who loves to interact with humans, cats, and even dogs. They are a medium built cat, with slightly slender legs and muscular body. One of their most striking features is their facial "mask". Their coat can range from mostly coated, to nearly hairless during times of "molting" which occurs about twice yearly. However, regardless of density of coat, they will always lack an undercoat, giving way to only the top guard hairs. The coat appears coarse, but is actually very soft and silky to touch. Although they have a minimal coat, they are not to be considered hypoallergenic. The most common and striking color is black roan, which is a mingling of black hairs accented with individual white hairs, giving a very vivid appearance to the facial mask and color contrast.